Cassie Absolute
Cassie Absolute

Cassie Absolute

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  • Our organically crafted Cassie Absolute is extracted from the globose bright yellow flowers of the Acacia farnesiana (synonym Vichellia farnesiana) plant, cultivated in France. Also known as Sweet Acacia or Yellow Cassie, this absolute has a sweet, green, honey-floral aroma full of violet warmth and soft cinnamic-balsamic undertones with excellent tenacity: a warming woody floral to used to smooth out or soften aromatic blends.

     Native to tropical America, this thorny shrub is also widespread in warm areas of the world. Cassie is now commonly found in Australia and across many countries in Africa. Each autumn, flowers bloom and release a dense fragrance recalling the wild Mimosa flower. Cassie twigs and flowers are harvested from December to February.


    Cassie Absolute Oil is used in high-cost perfumes where it lends a unique warmth and woody-floral note. Apart from its use in perfumery, aromatherapists use Cassie Absolute for treating depression, nervous exhaustion and stress-related conditions where its beautiful, sunny note uplifts the spirits. Cassie Absolute is also a potent aphrodisiac - undoubtedly due to its intoxicating and invigorating aroma.

    Cassie Absolute Oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as refreshing, moisturizing, and regeneration effects on the skin. It can also help ease unwanted muscle spasms and work to reduce minor pain and inflammation.


    Various parts of Cassie are used in traditional medicine in Latin American Countries. For example, to treat a sore throat, Colombians chew the Cassie root, and for intestinal transit disorders they decoct the gum. Flowers are either infused for their stomachic properties or added to an ointment, which can be rubbed on the forehead as a treatment for headaches.

  • SYNONYMS  Vachellia farnesiana (L.) Wight & Arn.
    Acacia farnesiana (L.)
    Mimosa farnesiana L.

    COMMON NAMES  Sweet Acacia, Needle Bush, Huisache

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