Jasmine Absolute (Sambac)
Jasmine Absolute (Sambac)

Jasmine Absolute (Sambac)

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  • Our enchanting Jasmine Absolute (Sambac), also sometimes referred to as Jasmine Sambac Essential Oil, is extracted from the small, delicate blossoms of the Jasminum sambac (Night-Blooming Jasmine) shrub growing in India. Our Jasmine Sambac Absolute has an incredibly floral, sensual, very sweet and tenacious aroma with a deep richness and a somewhat musky and coumarin-like undertone. Only a hint of this precious oil is needed to impart elegance, balance, and smoothness to perfume creations.


    Jasmine Sambac flowers open at night to release their sensual scent. These aromatic delicate jasmine blossoms are handpicked during the night or early morning, before the sun rises, in order to yield the highest essential oil concentration possible during distillation. The blossoms must be carefully harvested by hand so as not to bruise the flower as bruised flowers will produce unpleasant fragrance notes in the absolute.



    Considered possessing a quintessential aroma famous for enhancing romantic moods, Jasmine Absolute is an exotic, aromatically appealing oil which contains both therapeutic and fragrant characteristics that are nearly impossible to find elsewhere in the plant kingdom. Jasmine Sambac Absolute has a powerful reputation as an aphrodisiac and is ideal in natural perfumery for a greener, lighter and fresher Jasmine aroma and for perhaps being somewhat more tenacious than Jasminum grandiflorum.

    Along with helping to provide balance and calm, Jasmine Sambac Oil is wonderful for skin support, as it rejuvenates and nourishes the skin. Jasmine has been used for thousands of years to soothe and pamper the dry, chapped skin. It is thought to increase the elasticity of the skin, prevent scarring and heal skin irritations. Jasmine is also thought to relieve stress and calm bronchial spasms.

  • SYNONYMS  Jasminum officinale var. sambac
    Jasminum sambac (L.) Aiton

    COMMON NAMES  Night Blooming Jamine Absolute, Arabian Jasmine, Sampaguita, Melati Putih, Mogra

  •  Dark orange to amber brown colored, slightly viscous, mobile liquid 

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