Opopanax Essential Oil
Opopanax Essential Oil
Opopanax Essential Oil
Opopanax Essential Oil
Opopanax Essential Oil

Opopanax Essential Oil

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Our organically crafted Opopanax Essential Oil is steam distilled from the the rich brown resin of Commiphora glabrescens trees growing in the thick forested areas of Ethiopia. Opopanax Essential Oil, also known as Sweet Myrrh Essential Oil, shares many of the same properties with Myrrh (C. myrrha) because the plant source is closely related. The aroma of Opopanax Essential Oil resembles that of Myrrh, but it is sweeter and lighter in intensity.

A tall tropical tree that holds natural oleogum resin in tubular vessels between the bark and wood trunk, Opoponax's gum dries to form of reddish-yellow 'tears' containing 5-10 percent essential oil, about 50 percent gum, and 22 percent odorless resin, the component responsible for this oil's fixative properties. The resin is put through a steam distillation method to capture the essential oil with its sweetly aromatic, spicy, warm, fresh, deep balsamic aroma.                             

PART USED Oleo-gum Resin

COMMON NAME  Opobalsam, Sweet Myrrh

SYNONYMS  Commiphora glabrescens
Commiphora gorinii Chiov.
Commiphora erythraea var. glabrescens

EXTRACTION METHOD  Steam Distilled Essential Oil

ORIGIN  Ethiopia

NOTE CLASSIFICATION  Base to Middle Note, Fixative


Opopanax Oil, just like its relatives Frankincense and Myrrh, has been cherished for centuries for its ability to rejuvenate and restore healthy skin, swell as nourish complexion. Opopanax Essential Oil is considered a middle/base note and is most commonly used in natural and fine fragrancing applications as well as in diffuser, incense and home fragrancing formulations. It is a natural fixative, and is ideal for sophisticated perfuming purposes. Opopanax Resin Oil also helps manage pain and inflammation, support a healthy immune system, and can help ease unwanted muscle spasms. Its anti-inflammatory and soothing action is also highly effective for relieving pain and heat, such as with burns, rashes, and insect bites.

Opoponax Oil offers a rich and earthy aroma with intoxicating woody nuances that can help us let go of stress and find stillness and calm. is so welcome when dealing with situational anxiety and depression as it brings sunshine and light to the mind, body, and spirit. Used in worship and purification, Opopanax Essential Oil blends its many healing powers with an intoxicating fragrance, rightly being said to belong to the family of sacred scents. This essential oil is also said to possess aphrodisiac properties and can be used to inspire sensual moods.

Oil Specific: None known. General: As with all essential oils, never use them undiluted, in eyes or mucus membranes. Do not take internally unless working with a qualified and expert practitioner. Keep away from children. If applying an essential oil to your skin always perform a small patch test to an insensitive part of the body (after you have properly diluted the oil in an appropriate carrier).



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