Bacuri Oil

Bacuri Oil

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    Our organically crafted Bacurí Oil is extracted from the seeds of the Platonia Insignis fruits, native to the humid Amazon Rainforests. A beloved local fruit with a rich white pulp and a deep yellow color, Bacuri is typically used in the forest as a remedy against insect bites, in the treatment of skin problems, and is considered to be a miraculous remedy against rheumatism and arthritis.

    Bacuri Oil boasts many of the same benefits as Bacuri Butter because Bacuri Oil is actually obtained by filtrating (or fractionating) Bacuri Butter. During the filtration process, all of the nourishing actives in Bacuri Butter are drawn out into a concentrated oil, while the compounds that make the butter solid and waxy are left behind. Unlike Bacuri Butter, which remains solid and waxy at room temperature, Bacuri Oil has a consistency similar to that of a typical cold-pressed oil, thus making it easier to use in cosmetic formulations.



    The natural firming, moisturizing, astringent and cell renewal properties of Bacuri Oil help in deeply hydrating the skin and removing dead cells to reveal a firmer and healthier skin. Bacuri Oil is rich in Methionine, an essential amino acid, the body's primary source of sulphur. The body uses sulphur to promote healthy hair, skin and nail growth and it can be used to reduce the appearance of blemishes and scarring.

    Bacuri Oil also has potent anti-aging properties since it helps stabilise collagen and elastin production and also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It can be used raw on skin and hair or used in the making of cosmetic products as a natural tinted moisturiser to give the skin a beautiful golden tone. Bacuri Butter Oil has a high absorption rate, due to its high level of Tripalmitin (50% to 55%), which penetrates the skin quickly, making the Bacuri Oil a fantastic emollient.

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    LATIN NAME- Euterpe oleracea Mart.

    COMMON NAMES  Cabbage Palm, Açaí Palm

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