Cupuacu Oil

Cupuacu Oil

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    Our organically grown cupuaçu oil (pronounced "ku-ku-ku-ku") is extracted from the seeds of the Theobroma grandiflorum tree, which is native to the eastern part of the  Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Cupuaçu oil is a great vegan alternative to animal-derived lanolin, as it has a very high water absorption capacity, hydrating and plumping the skin more effectively. Cupuaçu oil is actually obtained by filtering (or fractionating) cupuaçu butter, so cupuaçu oil has many of the same benefits as cupuaçu butter. During the filtering process, all of the nourishing active ingredients in cupuaçu butter are extracted into a concentrated oil, while the compounds that make the butter solid and waxy remain. Unlike cupuaçu butter, which remains solid and waxy at room temperature, cupuaçu oil has a similar consistency to a typical cold-pressed oil,  making it easier to use in cosmetic formulations.             



    Luxurious and nourishing, Cupuaçu Oil is an excellent cosmetic emollient  and can be used to prevent  skin dryness and wrinkle formation, reduce  skin cell degeneration, and  restore skin flexibility, hydration, and elasticity. Although Cupuaçu Oil is not recognized as an SPF, it is also  known for its ability to absorb harmful UVA/UVB rays, acting as a natural sunscreen.

    Cupuaçu Oil is an excellent moisturizer with high water absorption, while improving the appearance of premature aging and thinning skin. It also helps improve skin elasticity by supporting the skin proteins collagen and elastin. Cupuaçu Oil does this by helping to maintain the skin barrier and manage  toxins such as pollution and cigarette smoke that cause fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of aging. In addition to skin care products, cupuaçu oil is also commonly used in hair care products to moisturize dry hair while promoting healthy hair growth.

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      Cupuaçu, Cupuassu, Cupuazú, Cupu Assu, Copoasu
      Theobroma grandiflorum (Willd. ex Spreng.) K.Schum.
      Cold Pressed and Fractionated
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