Linden Blossom Absolute Oil
Linden Blossom Absolute Oil
Linden Blossom Absolute Oil

Linden Blossom Absolute Oil

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Our organically crafted Linden Blossom Absolute, also referred to as Linden Blossom Essential Oil and Lime Blossom Oil, is extracted from the beautiful yellow-green flowers of the Tilia cordata tree, native to Europe. Intensely attractive and unabashedly coveted, the fragrance of Linden Blossom Absolute is deeply narcotic and floral with amazingly rich facets of warmed honey, pollen and tea.

Linden is a truly ancient tree; fossilized parts of the trees can be found throughout northern Europe dating as far back as over 50 million years ago. It certainly boasts a rich history, and is considered a sacred tree in many folklores, thanks to its naturally intoxicating aroma.


Apart from its use in high-class perfumery, Linden Blossom Absolute helps ease muscle spasms, supports healthy digestion, reduces unwelcome microbial activity, and helps eliminate excess water retention. This essential oil is also incredibly supportive of the skin and useful for hot, dry, irritated conditions such as eczema.

In aromatherapy, Linden Blossom Oil is beautifully warming and can help calm nervous energy, assist in reducing stress, and potentially aid in managing situational depression. It can help remove harmful energy, encourage mental clarity, and support greater personal awareness. It can be used for migraine, stress related conditions and nervous tension. Linden Blossom Oil is also beneficial for insomnia, hysterics and stomach conditions that are due to stress. Its protective and therapeutic energy is well suited for any kind of healing ritual.

Along with numerous other benefits of the Linden Blossom, this tree is particularly special to many beekeepers in the production of monofloral honey and has been used for flavoring herbal teas and tinctures for hundreds of years.

Safety-dilute in carrier oil before applying to skin. Perform a patch test for allergies.


SYNONYMS  Tilia cordata Mill.

COMMON NAMES  Lime Blossom, French Lime Blossom, Littleleaf Linden, Small-Leaved Linden

ORIGIN  France


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