Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil
Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

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Our organically crafted Seabuckthorn Seed Oil is extracted from the seeds of the tart, orange berries of Hippophae Rhamnoides, a thorny shrub that thrives in the extreme weather, high altitudes and rocky soil of the Tibetan Himalayas. Hippophae Rhamnoides is not only found in Europe (in mountainous areas) and China, but also in Russia, Canada and Mongolia. Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil oil is just as renowned for its anti-aging benefits as it is for its skin healing benefits. Sea buckthorn repairs oxidative damage and has wonderful anti-aging properties.

There are two types of Sea Buckthorn Oil that can be extracted from the shrub, namely fruit oil and seed oil. The fruit oil is derived from the fleshy pulp of the berries, while the seed oil is extracted from the small dark seeds of the small nutrient rich orange-yellow berries that grow on the shrub. Both the oils have a major difference in term of appearance and consistency: Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil is a dark red or orange-red color, and has a thick consistency (it is liquid at room temperature, but becomes much thicker if refrigerated), whereas the Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil is paler yellow or orange in color and more fluid (does not solidify under refrigeration). Both offer an array of fantastic skin benefits.

Safety-No reported safety concerns but always skin test prior to use for allergies.


SYNONYMS  Hippophae rhamnoides L.

COMMON NAMES  Common Sea Buckthorn


ORIGIN  China          

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