Babassu Oil
Babassu Oil
Babassu Oil

Babassu Oil

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Babassu Oil is an all-natural ingredient that is extracted using the cold pressing method from an Amazonian superfruit, Babassu Palm seeds. Native to Brazil in South America, the Babassu tree is a palm tree that stands approximately 20 meters tall and is considered a major industrial and economical resource for the region.

It is a superior emollient that's packed with fatty acids and vitamins, and it iss quickly becoming more preferred for these uses than its counterpart, Coconut Oil. It gently moisturizes the skin without leaving an oily sheen. It works well in body butters, massage butters, hair products, creams, lotions and lip balms. 


Babassu Oil has anti-microbial properties and is rich in vitamin E and the anti-inflammatory Lauric acid. Both of these properties make the oil an excellent treatment for a variety of skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, plant rashes, bug bites, and more. The vitamin E helps promote cell regeneration, so babassu oil can be used to treat shallow cuts, chapped lips, mild burns, and irritated skin. Scalp conditions such as dandruff and skin irritations can also benefit from a daily babassu oil treatment, reducing redness or inflammation and deeply conditioning and moisturizing both hair and scalp skin.

Little is known about the potential side effects of babassu oil, including whether it has negative effects in pregnant or nursing women.

To be safe, you should consult your healthcare provider before using babassu oil if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Additionally, some research suggests that babassu fruit flour may slow your body’s blood-clotting ability. Thus, if you’re taking a blood thinner, you should avoid babassu oil, as it may have a similar effect (13Trusted Source).

Eating babassu fruit and other parts of the plant may also impair your thyroid function, which can be particularly harmful to people with hypothyroidism. If you have this condition, you may want to avoid babassu oil (14Trusted Source, 15Trusted Source).

It’s difficult to know how much babassu oil enters your bloodstream after you apply it to your skin. Therefore, if you have any concerns about using it, you should talk to your healthcare provider.


  Orbignya oleifera, Attalea speciosa Mart. ex Spreng.


  Babassu Palm, Cusi Oil, Babassu Oil


  Cold Pressed





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