Ungurahui (Pataua/Seje) Oil
Ungurahui (Pataua/Seje) Oil

Ungurahui (Pataua/Seje) Oil

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Our organically crafted Ungurahui Oil, also known as Patauá Oil, Rahua Oil, Seje Oil or Bataua Oil, is extracted from the fruit pulp of Oenocarpus bataua using the traditional method in which the fruits are first soaked in hot water to segregate the pulp from the seeds. Resembling a lot like its Amazonian cousin Acai Berries, Patawa (Bataua) fruits are deep-purple colored berries wild harvested from the very tall Ungurahui (Seje) palms (upto 43 metres in height) naturally abundant in the tropical rainforests of Amazon region.

Traditionally used by natives tribes of the Amazon as a hair loss and anti-dandruff tonic, Pataua (Ungurahui) Oil starts at the root moisturizing and calming the scalp, and works all the way to the ends of hair to promote intense hydration. Oenocarpus Bataua Oil is ideal for inclusion in hair and scalp care formulations, as well as within reparative skin care and body formulations.


Because of the nutrients in the oil as well as the fatty acids and antioxidants, Pataua (Ungurahui) Oil is widely used as a nourishing moisturizer in skin care, and is particularly beneficial for those with aging, oily, or mature skin. Due to its abundant Vitamin E content (around 170mg/100g) , Ungurahui (Rahua) Oil is a powerful antioxidant, preventing the proliferation of free radicals in the skin, assuring a better alimentation to the skin tissue and improving the elasticity of the skin, reducing wrinkles.

Patauá Oil is a superior emollient that is heralded for its remarkable ability to nourish the hair and scalp. The oil's high absorption capacity allows it to easily penetrate the hair shaft, revitalising and nourishing the hair's cortex while simultaneously restoring hairs' natural sheen. The high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids, primarily Oleic Acid makes Rahua Oil a moisturizing heaven for dry hair, while an infusion of active antioxidants, antibacterials, and microcirculatory properties work together to balance and restore the scalp.

Safety-Perform skin patch test for allergies.


SYNONYMS  Oenocarpus bataua Mart.
Jessenia bataua (Mart.) Burret

COMMON NAMES  Patauá, Patawa, Sehe, Hungurahua, Mingucha, Bataua


ORIGIN  Brazil

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