Andiroba Oil
Andiroba Oil

Andiroba Oil

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Andiroba is a tree that belongs to the same family as mahogany and cedar trees. These are typically found in tropical rain forests of countries in the tropical regions of the world such as Brazil, the forests of Colombia, and Guyana. In Brazil, it is found from sea level to 350 m elevation, throughout the Amazon basin, both in terra firme forests (dry land) and on land that is temporarily flooded, along rivers and streams and near the mangroves. The andiroba tree can reach 30 meters in height and grow well to different environments, such as flooded areas and terra firme.

Fruit from the andiroba tree contains kernels (seeds) from which the oil is extracted. This rich, light creamy oil takes its name from Nheengatu nhandi rob, meaning bitter oil. Andiroba oil has properties similar to neem oil. The bitter taste of the oil is attributed to a group of terpene chemicals called meliacins. Recently, one of these meliacins, called gedunin, was documented to have pest control properties and antimalarial effects equal to that of quinine.


Andiroba oil has become a popular ingredient among the skincare industry's anti-aging products because of its alpha-hydroxyl acids that has been found to increase collagen in the skin. Collagen makes skin plump and prevents it from drooping and being saggy. The natural conditioning agents of the oil are incredibly active and help make a noticeable difference, soothe the skin surface and reduce the itching, for example. on the scalp. In addition, it has properties that make it the number one skin natural remedy.

Andiroba also has strong insect repellent properties, being popularly used in the making of candles by the people in the forest. When burned the candles release an agent that decreases hunger in mosquitoes, therefore reducing its need to bite. In addition to this property, the candle is completely non-toxic, produces no smoke, and does not contain perfume.

Safety-Skin patch test for allergy before use.


SYNONYMS  Carapa guianensis Aubl.

COMMON NAMES  Crabwood, Crab Oil, Carap Oil


ORIGIN  Brazil  

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