Cloudberry Seed Oil
Cloudberry Seed Oil
Cloudberry Seed Oil

Cloudberry Seed Oil

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Rubus Chamaemorus or Cloudberry as it is more commonly known is a rare golden berry that can be found deep in the Nordic marshes and wet meadows, growing in damp and freezing conditions and can survive temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees. During the summer months of 24 hours sunlight, the berries flourish; remarkably, the resilient berries withstand the harsh conditions of the long dark winter months too. These harmonious qualities give the Cloudberry its supreme power, with a unique composition that can be harnessed to give enlightening benefits to your skin.


Cloudberry Seed Oil, which is extracted from cloudberry seeds, offers various benefits. It's abundant in Oleic, Linoleic and Alpha-linolenic acids, Vitamin E and plant sterols. This oil also contains different antioxidants like carotenoids that may help increase protection against UV rays, and plant compounds called phytosterols that may help strengthen cell membranes.

Its Vitamin C content aids in collagen production and packs protective and antioxidant power. The components of the oil help to strengthen and protect the skin against premature aging and support the skin's recovery by strengthening its natural protection. High levels of Benzoic Acid, also found in Rubus Chamaemorus Seed Oil, act as a natural preservative in formulas.



SYNONYMS  Rubus chamaemorus L.

COMMON NAMES  Nordic Berry, Bakeapple, Knotberry, Knoutberry, Low-Bush Salmonberry, Averin, Evron


ORIGIN  Norway

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