Elderberry Seed Oil
Elderberry Seed Oil

Elderberry Seed Oil

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Our organically crafted Elderberry Seed Oil, also called Elderberry Kernel Oil or Elderberry Oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the Sambucus nigra shrub cultivated in Belgium. With its greenish-yellow color and characteristically tangy and spicy herbal scent, Elderberry Seed Oil is widely used in cosmetics and medicine.

Sambucus nigra is a very common feature of hedgerows and scrubland in Britain and northern Europe, but is also widely grown as an ornamental shrub or small tree. Both the flowers and the berries have a long tradition of culinary use, primarily for cordial and wine.




Elderberry Kernel Oil is gentle and safe and provides a good measure of both unsaturated and saturated fats, making it a great choice for both skin and hair. It absorbs quickly and is deeply penetrating. It nourishes thoroughly, softening dry, rough skin. It smoothes out wrinkles for a more delicate appearance, and reduces inflammation, pigmentation and the appearance of blemishes such as dark spots or fine lines by stimulating a healthy collagen production to counteract signs of ageing and damage from free radicals. Elderberry Seed Oil can be used to create an endless variety of skin care products including skin serums, body butter, sun damage protection lotions, and so much more.

Furthermore, Elderberry Oil also contains glycosidic bonds, plant sterols, carotenoids, flavenoids, and tocopherols (Vitamin E). The structure of the plant sterols is similar to the skin's own cholesterols - counted among the most important fats in the lipid layer of the stratum corneum (corneal layer) - meaning that these cholesterols, in their function of forming an intact barrier layer, can be supported by the plant sterols. Elderberry Seed Oil furthermore has a stimulating effect upon the cell membranes and blood vessels, and is supposed to be able to strengthen resistance toward infections, allergies, and carcinogens.

Skin patch test for allergies recommended.


SYNONYMS  Sambucus nigra L.
Sambucus cerulea Raf.

COMMON NAMES  Elder, Black Elder, European Elder, European Elderberry, European Black Elderberry


ORIGIN  Belgium

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