Lily of the Valley Absolute Oil
Lily of the Valley Absolute Oil
Lily of the Valley Absolute Oil

Lily of the Valley Absolute Oil

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Our organically crafted Lily Of The Valley Absolute Oil, also colloquially referred to as Lily Of The Valley Essential Oil, is extracted from the delicate white bell-shaped flowers of the Convallaria majalis, cultivated in the picturesque landscape of Finland. The uplifting, nourishing, encouraging aroma of Lily Of Valley Absolute Oil ushers in balance, calm, and optimism to the mind, body, and spirit.

Other names include May Bells, Our Lady's tears, and Mary's Tears. Its French name, Muguet, sometimes appears in the names of perfumes imitating the flower's scent.


Along with helping to promote balance, Lily Of The Valley Absolute is deeply skin nourishing and often used in skin care blends for bringing freshness and vitality to the skin, and at the same time helping heal minor scars, sores, eczema, and surface wounds. This glorious absolute is also helpful in managing minor pain and inflammation, reducing the presence of unwanted bacterial activity, and helping to ease unwanted muscle spasms.

Lily Of The Valley Oil can also help during various phases of a woman's reproductive health especially during menopause and boasts the rare ability to soothe the stressed nerves and emotions provoked by the hormonal cycle. This absolute oil is gentle yet potent, and its bright and clean fragrance is helpful for soothing anxiety and situational depression. Lily Of The Valley Essential Oil is cooling and soothing with lovely, mildly sedative properties, making it so helpful for sleep support.

Safety-dilute in carrier oil before applying to skin. Perform a patch test for allergies.


SYNONYMS  Convallaria majalis L.

COMMON NAMES  Muguet, May Bells, Our Lady's Tears, Mary's Tears, Lily Of Valley

EXTRACTION METHOD  Organic Extraction (Hexane Free)

ORIGIN  Finland


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