Narcissus Absolute
Narcissus Absolute

Narcissus Absolute

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    Our organically crafted Narcissus Absolute, colloquially also referred to as Narcissus Essential Oil, is extracted from the lovely white flowers of the Narcissus poeticus, associated with the Greek legend of Narcissus. The exquisite aroma of this absolute evokes in the mind forest-green scenes set against deep woody-floral foliage.

    The word Narcissus is derived from the Greek word - narkeo, meaning narcotic. The fragrance of Narcissus Oil is indeed intoxicating and can intensely influence the nervous system, helping usher balance and calm to the mind, body, and spirit.



    Along with helping to provide balance and calm, the invigorating scent of Narcissus Absolute is widely used in high class perfumery and may also be used to fragrance candles, potpourri and room fresheners. Narcissus Absolute Oil is a lovely choice when looking to ease unwanted muscle spasms, reduce the presence of unwelcome bacteria, and manage minor pain and inflammation. It is also deeply skin nourishing and restorative, helping reduce the appearance of scars and help with minor tissue regrowth.

    Emotionally and energetically, Narcissus Absolute is used as a tonic for the nervous system for its sedative and antispasmodic properties. It is also considered to be an aphrodisiac by some, and it may be helpful in sexual wellness applications.


    There is perhaps no Greek mythological folk tale better known than the tale of Echo and Narcissus: a handsome man, much adored by the mountain nymph Echo, rejected her heartfelt love. He was so conceited and self-obsessed that he never noticed her pain until one day he caught a glimpse of his own in a clear spring - and hopelessly fell in love with his own image. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, he lost his will to live and died in a tight embrace with the watery reflection of himself. A beautiful white flower that sprang up where he had died was named after him Narcissus. The pale white yellowish petals encompassing the dark eye at the centre is reminiscent of a disembodied eye.


    SYNONYMS  Narcissus poeticus L.

    COMMON NAMES  Poet's Daffodil, Poet's Narcissus, Nargis, Findern Flower, Pinkster Lily

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