Rose (Bulgarian Damask) Absolute Oil
Rose (Bulgarian Damask) Absolute Oil
Rose (Bulgarian Damask) Absolute Oil

Rose (Bulgarian Damask) Absolute Oil

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Our organically crafted Bulgarian Rose Absolute is extracted from the delicate petals of the freshly picked Rosa damascena flowers cultivated and harvested exclusively in the Valley of the Roses in the Bulgarian countryside. Our truly exquisite Bulgarian Damask Rose Absolute has a sweet, deep, highly floral, antique Rose aroma with a faint indole, warm, honeyed undertone and a superb fresh green, lemon-citrus note that comes forth in the drydown - a perfect balance of the Queen of Flowers!

Bulgarian Rose Absolute, with its wonderfully hypnotic fragrance, is among the most sought after ingredient for use in perfumery. In his book Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin, Arctander notes that Bulgarian Rose Absolute is used so extensively in high-class perfumes that it is hardly possible to define its field of application.


Rose Absolute Oil has been one of the most important and most extensively used oils in the creation of perfumes. The aroma is often used as the perfume's principal theme, but it is also prized for its ability, especially in extremely diluted form, to blend well with almost all other aromas and to enhance and round out many perfume compositions.

Rose Absolute is traditionally calming and uplifting, and is used for its soothing, rejuvenating and toning properties on skin. It enhances natural skin glow and radiance and helps with superficial broken capillaries and scars, as well as eczema and rosea. It is also perfect for dry, sensitive, or mature skin and for helping soothe hot skin conditions such as rashes and boils. Bulgarian Damask Rose Absolute Oil is also helpful in managing minor pain and inflammation, reducing the presence of unwanted bacterial activity, and helping to ease unwanted muscle spasms.

Emotionally and energetically, Rose Absolute Oil is said to possess strong anti-depressant and uplifting properties. It is well suited for use in formulations intended to help manage situational anxiety and promote restful sleep, relaxation and to encourage a sense of calm. The Rose is also known as the flower of seduction because of its potent natural aphrodisiac properties, and it may be helpful in sexual wellness applications.

Safety-dilute in carrier oil before applying to skin. Perform a patch test for allergies.


SYNONYMS  Rosa x damascena Mill.

COMMON NAMES  Damask Rose, Bulgarian Rose, Damask

EXTRACTION METHOD  Organic Extraction (Hexane Free)

ORIGIN  Bulgaria


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