Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil
Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil

Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil

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Organically crafted Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil is steam distilled from pinkish red peppercorns harvested from Schinus molle tree native to the Andes Mountains of Peru. Also referred to as the Brazilian Pepper and Peruvian Pepper, Pink Pepper is a fast growing, drought resistant evergreen shade tree that grows to 50 feet. Pink peppercorns resemble black peppercorns in size, but have a beautiful pinkish red hue and a wonderful spicy peppery aroma.

Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil is a diverse oil that provides many physically and mentally stimulating properties essential to promoting well being. Pink Peppercorn Oil is used to help with congestion and flu symptoms. This essential oil helps to support healthy lungs. Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil helps to improve circulation and can help ease aching muscles. This essential oil is commonly noted for germs and is recommended for use in diffusers to purify the environment in enclosed spaces and especially to help ward off germs that circulate in the winter months.
Emotionally and energetically Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil is stimulating and is a good choice for inclusion in blends intended to help enhance alertness and stamina. The uplifting scent can also be inhaled to relieve headaches and settles and soothes the nerves for a calming effect.
Parts Used
Peppercorn Fruit
Common Names:
Pink Berry, Peruvian Peppertree, Brazilian Pepper, American Pepper, California Pepper Tree, Peruvian Mastic, Pepperina, Mille del Peru
Schinus molle L.
Note Classification
Middle Note

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