Rose Perfume
Rose Perfume

Rose Perfume

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This ready to roll oil blend  contains Organic Rose Essential Oil and Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, that's it! 

Rose is grown in France and its aroma is described as rich, sweet, and floral. 

Benefits of using Rose:

  • Uplifting to the senses
  • Calms emotions
  • Helps fight feelings of depression 
  • Reduces skin imperfections
  • Promotes an even skin tone
  • Can be used a personal fragrance 
  • Helps balance sex hormones

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Rose (Rosa damascena


  • Organic Ingredients

  • Pure Essential Oils

  • Skin Soothing Fractionated Coconut Oil

Does NOT contain:

  • Parabens

  • Sulfates

  • Synthetic Fragrances

  • Synthetic Dyes

  • Petrochemicals

  • Phthalates

How to use: Roll on pulse points to uplift the mood and fight feelings of sadness. Roll on the chest and wrists as a personal fragrance. Blend with Simply Jasmine to help balance hormones. 

This oil blend is

  1. Safe to use on ages 12+

  2. Can be used during pregnancy

  3. Breastfeeding safe

If you are new to this oil blend, patch test a small amount before using. Since everyone's skin is different, roll a small amount of oil on the back of hand or forearm and watch for a reaction. A reaction to an essential oil would be redness, rash, or irritation. If any are present, discontinue use.

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