Rose Clay Soap Handmade Soap

Rose Clay Soap Handmade Soap

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Rose Clay benefits of this clay is it silkiness, slip and absorbency it adds to soap. Rose Clay is rich in silica which helps improve your skins elasticity and cell renewal. It helps promote a balanced complexion and minimizes blackheads. Gentle soap with a blend of rose absolute and hydrosol natural fragrance oils! Scent is feminine! Colored with rose clay. These are handmade products and each bar of soap may vary somewhat from photo! Soaps are cut from a loaf and each one can be similar or slightly different and each batch can vary! 
Wet and lather! Take care of your soap by keeping it from sitting in water! Handmade soap is not the same as store bought soap! It will last you much longer if you keep it dry between uses!
Avoid getting in eyes
Olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, saponified sodium hydroxide and a blend of natural fragrance oil with essential oils! No dyes, no parabens and no artificial ingredients!  

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