White Champaca (Magnolia) Oil
White Champaca (Magnolia) Oil
White Champaca (Magnolia) Oil

White Champaca (Magnolia) Oil

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Our organically crafted White Champaca Oil, also popularly known as Magnolia Essential Oil is artisan steam distilled from the delicate flowers of Michelia x alba (synonym Magnolia x alba) plant. The essential oil has a sweet, floral, honey, slightly spicy aroma with nuances of green tea back notes.

Best known for its intoxicating fruity fragrant blossoms, White Champaca is cultivated particularly in the tropical and subtropical regions of China and Southeast Asia. The magnificent aroma of Magnolia blossoms is truly provocative and captivating.


The Champaca Oil is widely used in perfumes, bath oils, shower gels, anointing blends, potpourri, facial steam treatments and hair treatments or masks, incense, room fresheners, scented candles and other aromatic products. When used topically, It is thought to increase the elasticity of the skin, prevent scarring and heal skin irritations. Its overall cleansing effect and its ability to support a healthy inflammatory response make White Champaca Essential Oil is also a great support to the respiratory, immune, and neurological system providing mood uplifting and stress reduction benefits.

While the properties of Magnolia Oil works to pamper the skin, the fragrance works to promote relaxation, reduce stress, relieve depression and uplift moods. The sweet, fruity, exotic scent of Magnolia Oil is sedating and relaxing, but yet uplifting. Calming and soothing, this exquisite floral essential oil is also reputed for its aphrodisiac properties.

Safety-Skin patch test for allergies.


SYNONYMS  Magnolia alba (DC.) Figlar
Michelia alba DC.
Michelia longifolia Blume

COMMON NAMES  White Champaca, White sandalwood, White Jade Orchid Tree

EXTRACTION METHOD  Steam Distilled Essential Oil


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