Ximenia Oil
Ximenia Oil

Ximenia Oil

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Our organically crafted Ximenia Oil is cold pressed from the seed kernels of the Ximenia Americana, a small tree or shrub found in the low altitudes woodlands and grassy savannahs of Southern Africa ranging from Namibia to Zimbabwe. Also known as the Wild Plum, Sour Plum or Monkey Plum, the Ximenia fruits have orange flesh resembling plums and vary in colour from dark red-brown to bright orange with a tart, almond-like flavor.

Ximenia has a long history of traditional use, particularly in Namibia, although also across much of Southern Africa and other parts of the continent. The women living in southern parts of Africa have used traditionally used Ximenia Oil for moisturising, softening and revitalising their skin as well as conditioning their hair. Ximenia Oil has wonderful skin benefits because of its high content of monounsaturated and saturated fatty acids that makes it quite stable to oxidation.


Widely used cosmetically or topically, Ximenia Oil is known for its antioxidant activity, which supports skin health, repairs damage caused by pollutants, and delays the appearance of fine wrinkles. Being a light and non-comedogenic oil that exhibits anti-microbial properties, Ximenia Oil is reputed to calm acne-prone skin and to reduce other blemishes as well as scarring. Its exceptionally high Oleic acid content makes this exquisite oil an excellent ingredient in the formulations of anti-aging face creams and serums. Ximenia Americana Oil is also known particularly for its anti-inflammatory properties and the presence of active Ximenynic Acid has been shown to be beneficial for the skin.

Ximenia Oil also makes a fabulous conditioner for hair and can help to keep the scalp healthy when used as a pre-shampoo oil treatment. Its super emollient and deeply hydrating properties make it extremely popular as an ingredient for haircare products for treating dry scalp and dandruff.

Safety-Perform skin patch test for allergies.


SYNONYMS  Ximenia americana L.
Ximenia caffra Sond.

COMMON NAMES  Sour Plum, Wild Plum, Monkey Plum, Pi'ut, Yellow Plum, Tallow Wood, Sea Lemon


ORIGIN  Zimbabwe

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